Mar. 7th, 2009

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what's the best thing about your life right now?
wow. this is a difficult question. not because i don't know the answer, but because i do. and because the best thing in my life is, in many ways, the worst.


it opens me up, makes me brave, creative, colorful, vibrant, alive, brimming with possibility, energized, at peace, full of me.

it also terrifies me, shuts me down, opens a world of possible hurt, makes me want to crawl into bed and hide under the covers.

the joy is in many ways magnified—and the angst multiplied exponentially—when the love is complicated, involves multiple parties, and when it finds my issues compounded by those of others.

question 2 in the march question month meme. ask me any question here.
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what was your favorite memory from 2008?
this may be an unfair answer, but it goes with my answer to question 2.

when i have felt the love.

i've felt it numerous times, and from a number of quarters: a sense of well-being and oneness. oneness with what? i don't exactly know—with myself, with the beloved, with the universe? all of the above. it has happened on the phone, in a car, on a cliff-top, a bookstore, in a room full of people, on the street, and in bed. it has come after intense emotion—both euphoric and shatteringly sad—after intense sex, and after nothing in particular.

i can pull together these moments from throughout the year, and they're truly what has sustained me in what was a very difficult year.

question 3 in the march question month meme. ask me any question here.


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