May. 29th, 2009

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mark morford on the sea-change in opinion on same-sex marriage, and why the court decision in california is but a "merely annoying and karmically fleeting" (click on text for the full article):
it's an undeniable shame indeed that this powerful, iconic, world-altering state couldn't get its damnable act together on the last civil right. but, you know, oh well. can't be the vanguard for 'em all. iowa and massachusetts, et al, please show us how it's done. and by the way, thank you.
as usual, he's right on the money.
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new hampshire covernor john lynch (a democrat) forced the state legislature to modify language in a bill allowing same-sex marriage in the granite state. the new language specifically states that churches and religious groups do not have to officiate at a same-sex wedding (one wonders if they must so do for heteronormative ones); it also says these entities don't have to "provide services, facilities or goods of any kind to participants" (again, one wonders now if there is currently an imperative to so do). one could argue that this legislation suggests that if i—a nominal episcopalian—so wished, i could go into a catholic church, a mosque or a synagogue and force myself upon that house of worship; they would have to perform the ceremony of my choosing and provide access to facilities. of course that's not true; the governor is simply indulging in his—and the neanderthal religious establishment's—homophobia and heterohysteria. what a tool.


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