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Birthdate:Jan 14
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America

true romantic, occasionally disaffected and disappointed. sometimes a malcontent optimist. into self-discovery through voyeuerism and self-exploitation.

born just off biscayne bay—in a hospital struck from the face of the earth by the hand of god—in a previous century. on-the-move resident of multiple u.s. jurisdictions, now settled in that shining city on a hill. love the excitement and multidimensionality of cities; love the stability and groundedness oft found in rural areas.

leftish pre-(post-christian) queer dissatisfied with orthodoxies. more interested in orthopraxis. i know it when i see it.

look to my interests for... my interests. this is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is a good toe in the water.

not into lowercase for any reason other than laziness and ease of typing.

i'm pretty committed to honesty here, though not all details of all transactions will be recorded (nor should they be). there won't be much that is titillating, not because it doesn't happen, but because this isn't exactly that kind of site. that being said, this site has morphed in its short existence, and will probably do so again.

if details you want are lacking, ask. the worst i can do is decline to comment, in which case you're none the worse off.

friends i tend to list as friends folks with whom i have some kind of ongoing relationship. that relationship can either be in this space or elsewhere, but it should be somewhere. if i have you listed as a friend and either you stop posting and commenting or you stop responding to my comments and posts, i'll eventually delete you from my friends list. i don't do so punatively or in anger, but, mostly, out of sadness.

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    american library association, architecture, art, arthouse films, australia, autumn, beaches, bear lovers, bears, beer, bicycling, black and white photography, board games, books, borges (jorge luis), boulay (isabelle), burning man, canada, canaletto, cataloging, chad mitchell trio, chasers, cheese, chez cora, chocolate, choral music, christie (agatha), cinema, cooking, copenhagen, country roads, cruises, cubs, cuddling, denmark, deserted beaches, design, erotica, everglades, facial hair, fiction, film, film music, flags, foreign films, france, free weights, french cinema, french language, gay cinema, gay men, gay rights, gay sex, genealogy, geography, gore vidal, guys, gym, hairy, hairy chests, hairy men, history, humor, iceland, independent films, inside passage, integrated library systems, intelligence, islands, italy, journalism, kissing, laine (cleo), librarianship, literature, london, love, lust, maps, mcewan (ian), men, miami, mitchell (david), montréal, monty python, movie palaces, movies, muscle, muscle sex, musclebears, muscles, museums, musical theatre, naked, new york, new york city, new zealand, newspapers, nude photography, nyc, opera, ozon (françois), paris, parker (dorothy ), pelletier (claire ), photography, politics, pommes frites, post-bears, post-christians, pups, rain, rainy nights, reading, religion, road trips, romance, runga (bic), san francisco, sebring, self-deprecation, sex, sex pig, singing, smooth men, south, summer, swimming, taxonomy, tea, theatre, theme parks, thunder storms, transgressive sexuality, travel, traveling, urban planning, vancouver, vegetarianism, venice, vermont, wit, word games, word play, words, working out, workouts, writing
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